Now in its fourth week, the strike has seen classes cancelled in more than 60 universities, with the threat of disruption for end-of-year exams and assessments 1
The public spending numbers appear much healthier than before Christmas. 2
Fellow Britons Millie Knight and Brett Wild were fourth after a poor slalom run, while Kelly Gallagher and Gary Smith finished seventh. 1
Main courses, such as beef in black bean sauce, topped the salty list. 2
Southampton face Wigan in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup at the weekend. Can it be the turning point? 2
The going at the Gloucestershire track is officially described as heavy, soft in places after rain in the build-up. 2
Fitzpatrick, 19, was born with congenital retinal folds and has no vision in her left eye and limited sight in her right, but started skiing aged five. 2
Recent excavations in South Africa suggest that settlements there not only endured the cataclysm, but may have "thrived" in its wake. 2
Dr Nicholas Payne of Queen's University Belfast and the University of Roehampton led the research. 2
The University of Texas, Austin team is incorporating artificial intelligence into its machines so that they can deal with real-world situations. 2